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Probiotic Cashew Yogurt + Cheeze

Living Foods | Vibrant You.


Small Batch. High Quality.

Since 2016 Beetroot Nutrition has been perfecting the fermentation process to create the tastiest plant-based yogurts and cheeses, and not to brag, but we think we've gotten pretty close to perfection! 

We keep our batches small in order to keep the quality high, and each batch gets a fresh probiotic, which means you get all the nutritional and taste benefits first hand, rather than from something that's been continuously fermented, or freeze dried.


Living Probiotics for Digestion and Gut Health

Made with a base of cultured cashews, we keep each batch small to keep the quality high, and pack it full with a LIVING probiotic we make in-house, filled with digestive enzymes, billions of cultures of good gut bacteria, and a plant based B12.

A Source of Plant Based B12

Whether you're vegan, plant curious, or carnivorous with nutritional concerns, getting B12 from your diet is always something to consider. We've made it easy and delicious by creating a probiotic that contains B12: quinoa rejuvelac. This probiotic ferments our products while supplying you with your B12 needs. Each one of our products contains this potent probiotic and B12 supplement. So snack happy, knowing you're doing something amazing for your body. 


Vegan Dill Cheese from Beetroot Nutrition

Aged and Fermented for the Perfect Cheese Taste

Our cashew-based cheese is soft enough to spread on toast, but thick enough to stand alone on a charcuterie platter. Aged for over 36 hours in a temperature controlled room, all of our vegan cheeses contain the same living probiotic that our yogurt has - meaning this cheese will be easy to digest and not leave you feeling heavy!